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Campus Ambassadors

Our Campus Ambassadors from around the UK and Ireland are one of our key links to university physics students. Our Ambassadors are proactive and committed students who promote physics, career development and IOP activities on university campuses nationwide. 

Our Ambassadors are perfectly placed to support the physics student community by:

  • developing activities on campus that strengthen student opportunities
  • building campus relationships
  • promoting the benefits of extracurricular engagement
  • supporting IOP activities throughout the academic year, acting as a key link to their university's physics students and department

What does a Campus Ambassador do?

  • Organise at least three outreach events during the academic year, including a welcome event on campus in the first term, followed by events in the second and third semester.
  • Develop relationships with relevant on-campus student societies (including IOP affiliated societies), staff, careers services and any other relevant groups, by supporting and promoting their activities.
  • Engage with and promote general physics careers events, IOP events, regional events and volunteering opportunities.
  • Give lecture shout outs about IOP membership, upcoming activities and student opportunities.

To learn more about our Campus Ambassadors and how they can support an event you are organising on campus email [email protected].

How do I become a Campus Ambassador?

Take a look at the FAQs below and, if you think the role is right for you, apply!

If you'd like to have an informal chat about the role first, just drop us an email [email protected].

Deadline to apply is 24 August 2020.

Increasing diversity in physics

We are committed to raising the profile and participation of underrepresented groups in physics.

Ambassadors promote physics in a spirit of inclusivity and actively reach out to underrepresented groups on campus. In turn, we are seeking people from all walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicities and faiths.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for students who want to make a difference. Students with a genuine passion for promoting physics, with good communication skills and an ability to balance their studies with engagement opportunities.

What do ambassadors actually do?

Ambassadors organise a minimum of three physics related activities per year, typically one per term.

The first event is a ‘welcome event’, the rest are up to you - whatever you think will bring the community most benefit. Examples could be:

  • CV sessions
  • postgrad presentations
  • guest speakers

The more you put in the more you'll get out, and Ambassadors can use the role to encourage their peers to share their passion for physics.

How do we work with Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are supported by the IOP Student Engagement Officer. In 2020-21 we are seeking to collaborate directly with Ambassadors to host a range of online and offline activities.

Ambassadors attend informal catch-ups with regional clusters of Ambassadors, where representatives share their progress with the rest of the cohort during termly IOP-hosted webinars.

Who is eligible for this role?

You can apply for this role if:

  • you're studying a physics related degree at university
  • are a current member of IOP

You're a great match for this role if you have some experience of getting involved in extracurricular physics activities, such as:

  • at your society
  • through IOP committees

But don’t be put off if you haven’t got much experience – the essential ingredients are enthusiasm and a love of physics.

I want to apply, but I don’t have many links yet on campus – what should I do?

You should still apply.

In this role you will develop the confidence to reach out to and build mutually beneficial relationships within your department and the local student physics community.

You do not need to be well connected, just enthusiastic!

What will I get out of being a campus ambassador?

Fully engaging with the role will present many opportunities for personal development and growth and the chance to meet new people.

You will be empowered to reach out to others as an IOP representative and develop your event, outreach and engagement skills.

We’ll provide you with training and support you to create inspiring events.

Meet some of our Campus Ambassadors

William Lamb

William Lamb
University of York
3rd year mathematics & physics
Campus Ambassador 2018-20

My favourite aspect of being a Campus Ambassador is having the opportunity to connect with more physicists in my department, area and across the country. I have received some great advice from friendly people and had a lot of fun along the way too. My most recent event was making rocky and gas planets with children out of rice, cotton stuffing and balloons at the Beamish Open Air Museum during two stargazing events. 

Ozioma Kamalu

Ozioma Kamalu
The University of Edinburgh
Year 4 (out of 5) Physics
Campus Ambassador 2018/19

One of the best things about being a Campus Ambassador is making new connections. It's a privilege to participate in opportunities that the role opens up and to help make others aware of things they may be interested in for academic support, careers advice or sheer enjoyment.

In October 2018 I volunteered at the IOP Scotland Festival of Physics which took place at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. It was a brilliant weekend with awesome outreach activities and delightful community engagement with physics. I very much hope to be involved again next year!

Anna Sheard

Anna Sheard
University of Sheffield
3rd year Master's degree in Physics
Campus Ambassador 2018-19

I enjoy being a Campus Ambassador for the IOP for numerous reasons, not least because it provides an opportunity to engage with students from different years and get to know the students in your year better. The opportunities that are open to Associate Members of the IOP are so beneficial to students that it's very easy to engage fellow students.

Amber Yallop

Amber Yallop
University of East Anglia
3rd year Physics
Campus Ambassador 2018-20

What do I like about being an IOP Campus Ambassador? I like the flexibility we are given to put on our own activities; we can either go down the typical activity route or be much more creative!